I Set People Free ...

When You Work With Me, I Guide You Through One Of The Most Freeing And Liberating Experiences Of Your Life. You Become ...

I Can Help You Find What You’re Looking For

You Don’t Have To Do It By Yourself Anymore

We Work TOGETHER In Hypnosis To Talk Directly To Your Subconscious Mind

We Get Straight To The Root Cause Of Why You Do What You Do

We Change The Meaning And The Beliefs Immediately

Hello, I’m MIKE SMARR And I Am A Certified Hypnotherapist Specializing In Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).

I Trained Under Award-Winning, World Renowned Therapist, Marisa Peer. Voted Britain’s #1 Therapist.

I Also Personally Know What It’s Like To Be: An Addict, Clinically Depressed, A Psyche Ward Patient, A Disabled Veteran, A Criminal, Strung Out On Medications, Homeless, Feeling Helpless And Worthless … And Even Suicidal. I’ve Been In That Darkness. I Know What That’s Like … To Have Lost Hope. To Not Understand Why You Do What You Do. To Just Want To Make It Stop.

Marisa Peer and Mike Smarr RTT Live Event 2023

This Doesn't Have To Be Your Life

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Life Doesn't Have To Be Like This

Broken Relationships. Feelings Of Worthlessness. Feeling Disconnected. Like Know One Will Ever Understand. Like Know One Can Help, Even If You Wanted them To. 
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You Can Change And Have The Life That You Deserve

The Strength Is Already Inside Of You, Waiting To Be Brought To The Surface. And I Will Guide You Through This. We Will Walk This Journey Together. 
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You Are Not Alone

When people work with me, I guide them on one of the most freeing and liberating experiences of their life. It's not years and years like traditional therapy. Most issues can be handled in 1-3 sessions.
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Truly Transform Your Life

Learn how to let go, and leave all the stuff that's weighing you down, behind. It's Time To Stop Your Pain And Suffering. It's Time To Stop Punishing Yourself. This Can Truly Be The Life Changing Experience You've Been Searching For.

If You Want The Scenes In Your Head To Stop ... If You're Tired Of The Looping Thoughts ... If You Want To Know Why You Think The Way That You Do, Or Why You Act The Way That You Act, Even When You Can't Explain It?

What Clients Say:

Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker

"Mike helped me work on a deep-rooted fear of public speaking and a general inability to speak up in my life. From the moment I met Mike, I was struck by his passion for helping people. As I spoke, he listened intently, he was calm, compassionate and had the most amazing ability to meet me, right where I was and make sense of my experiences.

Before finding Mike, I was stuck ..."

Lathan Wognac

Lathan Wognac

I am extremely grateful to Mike and the help he gave me to overcome an issue I have been struggling with my entire life. I have been extremely embarrassed to talk to anyone about this, and was hesitant about opening up to Mike, but it didn’t take me long to realize that it was very easy to put my trust into his hands. He thoroughly helped me, and was listening to everything I had to say. I highly recommend his help and his services to anyone else who may be dealing with something that they might not be comfortable sharing with the common person.

Claire U.

Claire U.

"I am deeply grateful for Mike and his approach. He helped me get to the root cause of an issue that I had been struggling with for years. He reframed the issue in a way that my mind, body, and heart were able to get on board. I was able to move forward free from the issue, a belief I had about myself that was blocking my success, in just one session. His empathetic and compassionate approach made me feel comfortable and safe. Thank you, Mike! I will forever be grateful for you and your help!"

Steps To Get Started - To Completely Rewire Your Mindset For Supreme Confidence, Soul-Deep Connections, Superior Significance, And Complete Self-Acceptance

“We are clothed in strength and dignity, and we laugh without fear of the future." - Based On Proverbs 31:25

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